Chad Was Just Not Very CURTISEOUS


Chad Curtis, dude was not a bad baseball player. In fact, he was a pretty good one. But nobody will remember him for hitting the game winning home run of game three in the 1999 world series, he won’t be remembered for leading the American League with 670 plate appearance in 1996, instead he will be remembered for one thing and one thing only……being a scumbag.

Chad David Curtis was born on November 6, 1968 in Marion, Indiana. He was raised in Middleville, Michigan then Benson, Arizona where he attended Benson High School. It was here that he played varsity baseball but was kicked off the team for basically being an asshole and starting too many fights. After graduating he went on to attend: Grand Canyon University, Cochise College, and Yavapai College; playing baseball at all three.

In 1989 Curtis was selected by the California Angels (now known as the LA Angels) in the 45th round of the MLB draft. He made his major league debut in 1992 where he played all three outfield positions split between 192 games. On April 13, 1995 Curtis was traded to the Detroit Tigers. He played with them for a little over a year before being traded to the LA Dodgers. Between 1997 and 2001 he would go on to play for the Cleveland Indians, the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers. In 2001 Curtis hung up his bat for good.

Now on to the real reason you guys are here. In 1990 Chad Curtis married Candace Reynolds they had six children together and would later go on to divorce. Curtis views himself as a ‘Bible believing’ Christian and states that he never drinks, never swears and never cheated on his wife (so that makes what he did later on totally okay).

Following his retirement CC earned a teaching certificate from Evangelical Cornerstone University. He started his job as a P.E teacher at Caledonia High School, which only lasted two years. In the fall of 2006 Curtis became the athletic director at NorthPointe Christian High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After helping design and build the school weight room he was fired without any public explanation. Don’t worry, I think the reason will become somewhat clear later on.

Between 2010 and 2011 Curtis volunteered and substituted in the Lakewood High School weight room. He also coached the equestrian team which two of his daughters were on. Wait, high schools have equestrian teams? Mine didn’t even have auto shop. In May 2012 CC would resign from his position at Lakeland after more than one female student came forward and accused him of inappropriately touching them. Bad Curtis…Bad! Bad! Curtis!

In June of that year he was notified that he would stand trial for five counts of criminal sexual conduct and was facing up to fifteen years in jail (in August an additional count of criminal sexual conduct was added). On August 13, 2013 the disgusting shit show got underway. Five of his victims took the stand for the prosecution. All of the girls aged between 15 and 16 gave more or less the same story while on the stand.

They stated that Curtis would offer them and some of the other female athletes massages but never offered them to any of the male athletes (this occurred when he was volunteering at Lakewood High School). During these massages they said that CC would touch their breasts and buttocks. He was also accused of touching, fondling, and kissing the breast of a 16 year old female; as well as sexually penetrating her with his finger in 2011. I think I’m going to be sick, this is absolutely disgusting. He started out giving massages in the school weight room and slowly moved on to giving them in the windowless trainer’s room. Why the hell weren’t there windows….why was their a windowless room in a HIGH SCHOOL?!

On August 16, 2013 Curtis was found guilty on six counts of criminal sexual conduct as well as one count of third degree criminal sexual conduct; this charge is given when penetration is involved in the crime. This huge load of dookie we call a person went on to give an hour long statement to the court where he accused all his victims of lying and stated that he was a man of god and just wants to share the word of Christ with the world. So he basically read a statement that shamed and blamed the victims for his actions, cool story bro. Oh wait, it gets even better… soon as I stop laughing at this mans stupidity I will tell you what he said. He said……He said……that he was the one trying to rebuff the advances of the female athletes, stating that they were the ones who came on to him! Just when I thought this dude couldn’t get any shittier….

On October 3, 2013 Barry County judge Amy McDowell sentenced ass face Curtis to 7-15 years in jail. Oh man, a pretty boy like him he is sure going to become someones……never mind. In February 2015 the sentence was upheld in an appeals court after Curtis tried to say he got an unfair trial. In March 2016 he put in another request for re-sentencing but quickly withdrew when a judge informed him that there was a chance he could get incarcerated for an even longer period of time. Between October 2017 and May of 2018 CC would be in and out of a court room battling various different civil cases. In one last dip shit move Curtis transferred all of his money and possession to his ex-wife to avoid having to payout his victims. Jokes on him though, it didn’t work. Karma always finds a way to make things right.

Well, there you have it. The very slight rise and very hard fall of baseball player Chad Curtis. I feel bad for his kids, imagine the world knowing that your Dad is just a steaming pile of human crap. Maybe they will legally change their last names to their Mom’s maiden name when they are of age to do so. Wait, would Chad still have to sign off on that even though he is in jail? Somethings tells me he wouldn’t just to be spiteful.


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  1. I remember this game vividly. I was in Vegas at the time attending one of my famous seminars (get away from family for awhile). I was watching the game with a buddy of mine in sports book in caesars palace. Needless to say it turned out to be a great game. Chad was good player. It’s unfortunate that his off field bad behavior supersedes his talent as a good baseball player.
    Great article.

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  2. Maybe they did come on to him. I’m not gay or bi sexual but , look Curtis is a clean cut looking dude. I’m not saying what he was convicted of is write or something i would do maybe it was consensual. Maybe they are fucking liars. I know what it feels like bieng wrongfully accused by a women for something i didn’t do. Women knoe thet can get away with lying about a man stalkking, molesting, rape, because they get the Monopoly, “Get out of jail free card”
    i give you a fucking example. What about the Tawana Brawley, How about the women who in Central Park lied about the incident. And now there is a movie depicting the story called the Central Park Five. There are countless stories about women lying. Come on, I pretty sure not all the women who accused Bill Cosby are telling the truth and none of them come forward until 20 years after the fact.


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